Nokia Officially Rolls Out The 2nd Major Nokia Asha Update. Brings A Couple Of New Features


Nokia officially rolled out the new asha update.. The update features new apps and some improvements for the devices..

The major Nokia Asha Update brings the new Nokia Mix Radio, which offers free music streaming that is personalized by the user based on his/her mood..

The update also features the OneDrive, a Microsoft cloud-based storage, in which after updating your asha device, you’ll get a free 7GB of OneDrive space..

The Nokia Fastlane now integrates closer with Facebook and Twitter. It now supports for birthdays, retweets, and likes..

Improvements for the phone also includes the camera, which now features voice-guided self-portrait mode so that you can get the prefect selfie.. And for the first time for the asha users, you can now take wide-angle Panoramic photos..

Last but not the least is the second improvement for the phone which is the security. The update includes new parental controls to enable PINs or Passwords to be entered to gain access to the Nokia Store or the Nokia Express Browser..

The update is now available globally via Over-The-Air Updates.. The update is available for the Nokia Asha’s 501, 500, 502, 503, and 230…




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