Cherry Mobile Latest Pricelist is Now Official. Leaked Devices are now Included in the List and Discounts on Selected Phones

As i stroll earlier in the Cyberzone of SM City Manila, i saw the Tarpaulin of Cherry Mobile protaying its Latest Pricelist fro the 3rd Quarter of 2016.. These Tarpaulins can also be found on some stores along the Cyberzone of the Mall.. So here is the new pricelist of Cherry Mobile..

Unfortunately the Actual Flyers are not yet available according to the stores that has the Tarpaulin of the New Pricelist..

Also, 2 new devices are not yet included in the pricelist. And these are:

Spin TV
Flare J1 (Marshmallow Variant), and
Omega HD 3S

The Devices that were discounted are:

Maia Fone I4 – From P1,999 to P1,499

Flare J1 (Lollipop Variant) – From P2,999 – P2,299

Flare 4 – From P4,999 to P3,999

Flare S4 – From P4,999 – P3,999

Flare X (1.3GHz 2GB RAM Variant) – From P5,999 – P4,999

Flare X (1.3GHz 3GB RAM Variant) – From P6,999 – P5,999

Note #1: The Prices of Flare 4, Flare S4, and Flare X 2GB/3GB Variant are covered in the tarpaulin displayed in the Cherry Mobile Kiosk, but on the other stores, it shows that their new prices are P3,999 for the Flare 4 and S4, P4,999 For the Flare X 2GB RAM Variant, and P5,999 for the Flare X 3GB RAM Variant.

Here are the Pictures:

Note #2: There must be a third part in the Flyer Itself containing the Android Tablets, Alpha Devices, Lifestyle Devices..


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