It’s the Season to be Cherry 2016 is now Official. Comes with New Flagship, Budget, and Innovative Devices


It’s the 4th Quarter of 2016 now and you might be thinking what are the devices that Cherry Mobile will release in the coming months.. Well, as I am touring around the Cyberzone of SM City Sta Mesa Last Night, I found a TV Screen in the Cherry Mobile Store where it showcases devices that are not yet existing in the latest Pricelist, so here are those that will be included in the Latest Cherry Mobile Promo entitled “It’s The Season to be Cherry 2016”.

Cherry Mobile have showed a glimpse of the new Devices Due to the Announcement of the Premium Flare Phones which are the Flare 5, Flare S5, Flare S5 Plus, Flare S5 Power, Flare X2, and the Gorgeous Flare Infinity.. so what are we waiting for.. let’s begin..

Flagship Phones – The premium flare phones mentioned above plus the Massive Flare Maxx.

Flare Series – Some of the Devices Available in the Market are the Flare J1S, Flare A3, Flare J3, Flare J3 Plus, Flare S5 Mini, and the Flare X Lite..

Innovative Phones – These are the devices with unique features such as the Iris with Retina Scanner, and the Taiji with Secondary E-Ink Display..

Other Devices – the other Android devices that are included in the list..


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